Bernie Sanders Tells Hillary and Donald To Stop Fighting


Bernie Sanders is a political legend. While he doesn’t have much of a chance of becoming our next president, he still will have left his mark on the United States as a result of a political race that has shown the good, bad, and of course, the ugly of America. With that being said, it is expected that the upcoming election will boil down to a contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. It is not going to be a pretty one that is for sure. Both candidates are not exactly popular among the average American and are each likely to both impact the country in their own special ways. That is unless they stop fighting with each other, and start working to make America great again.  Change is not an easy task and it can only be done once all the fighting stops.

Hillary and Donald

Like him or hate him, it is impossible to ignore Bernie Sanders. The aging senator from the New England State of Vermont has become the poster child for change in America. While you don’t have to agree with what he says, or his liberal philosophy, you do have to notice that he does not really take much credit for his many accomplishments. On the other side, we see both Hillary Clinton, and the Donald bragging, and quite likely inflating their accomplishments, all while fighting between themselves and others. The end result of all the conflict is that nothing of any substance is being discussed during these debates. It is a sad but true fact that America has major problems, but I feel that these problems can be solved provided we quit fighting amongst ourselves and start actually working to solve these tough problems that affect nearly every American.

To conclude, both Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton are their own worst enemies. Unless they can make some sort of peace, there will not be any progress and everyone will be affected.


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