Coffee Lovers Can Now Brew From Their Phone

Mornings seem to come quicker and quicker and the struggle to wake up or even hit the snooze button is just too much like hard work. That’s before we have even thought about the effort that it takes to actually get out of bed and turn on the coffee machine, it really is enough to make you pull the covers over your head and hide from the impending day.

via @Nespresso twitter

via @Nespresso twitter

Coffee from your phone

What would you say if I told you that you could brew your coffee direct from your phone? I am guessing you would be like, right, I don’t think so! However, it is true, thanks to the new release from Nespresso, you can actually turn on your coffee machine with just one tap on the screen of your phone. From now on, whenever you roll over it won’t just be the snooze button that you are tapping as your coffee machine is connected via Bluetooth directly to your phone. Now you have complete control over a perfect fresh cup of coffee from the warm haven of your bed, knowing that it will be ready for you by the time you are out of bed. Better still all you have to do is make sure that your Nespresso machine is filled with water and has plenty of coffee capsules inside, and that is all it takes to have a coffee machine that you can use from wherever you are in the house.

One big step for coffee lovers

Although this may not seem like a big deal for the coffee brand, it is actually changing people’s lives right now. How? I hear you say. It gives the user the luxury of knowing that when they get out of bed there is a piping hot coffee waiting for them to enjoy, after all for coffee lovers this is the only way to start the day.

Not only do you have the opportunity to turn your coffee machine on from another room, but the machine is also complete with a timer that you can set, so technically you don’t actually have to press a thing. Setting the timer is also an extra incentive to get up, after all no one wants or enjoys a cold cup of coffee first thing in the morning or at any time of the day.

This ingenious coffee machine can also let you know when it needs more water, and it will even helpfully suggest when you are running low on your coffee capsules. Believe it or not all of this can be done directly from your phone, awesome or what? This is an extremely clever idea that the designers at Nespresso have come up with it, and also a unique way to upsell their coffee, being something that none of their competitors currently offer.

There is no need to worry if the technology confuses you, as the coffee machine is complete with manual buttons that you can press in person so to speak and you can make the needed coffee this way too.

What’s your poison?

The standard Nespresso offers three coffee options, normal expresso, short expresso and even a lungo, which in case you don’t know is a fancy name for double the water in other words an Americano, perfect for when you need the caffeine but not the strength.

Another definite advantage is the cost of the standard model which is really good value for money, and whilst it may not be that affordable it is well worth it for any real coffee lover.

For those who want to have the capability to vary their coffee there is also a milk frother which can be purchased separately for about $50, this is the ideal way to create milky drinks such as macchiato and lattes.

The name of this spectacular coffee machine is the Prodigo and currently it is only available to purchase through Nespresso and Sur La Table but I cannot stress that although it is not cheap it is certainly worth every penny. Once you have purchased the coffee machine, you will have no more worries about getting your daily caffeine fix and it is a superb way to get any coffee lover out of bed in time, after all no one wants cold coffee.

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