High Speed Internet Should Be A Basic Right


Everyone hates slow Internet. We all hate waiting hours for something to download, or listening to a song and watching a YouTube video which gets interrupted every few seconds because the internet is so slow. Sadly some places have a bigger problem than others with this issue. One of the hardest hit places is Ireland. As the luck of the Irish would have it, Ireland is still using the copper wires. This technology has been obsolete for the past quarter century, and the end result is that Irish Internet is some of the slowest in the world. Thankfully, the good members of the Dáil feel that high-speed Internet should be an inalienable right. To this end, they have proposed a few changes.

First things first, they have decided to roll out the bidding for a new operator to upgrade the Irish Internet infrastructure. This can be a pretty big challenge given the age of the infrastructure, but the government feels that they can bring high-speed Internet to most of the country by 2022. The best part of this plan is that the government has decided to ensure their new plan. If a company which signs up to provide high-speed Internet in Ireland goes back on their promises, they run the risk of facing severe fines and penalties.  The consequences will even be written into the contract. This is a great way to ensure that Irish citizens get the Internet, which they deserve, and that their government is paying for. If this whole initiative pans out, which is what will likely happen, Internet users in Ireland will be much better off.

To conclude, if you’d like a nice and quiet Irish vacation without Internet, you better head there pretty quickly, otherwise, you will be blessed with as much high-speed Internet as your heart desires.

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