America’s Most Dangerous College’s

We live in an age where it seems everyone goes to college, and although this can only be seen as a good thing, those who feel they are above the law attend too! College campuses are no longer the safe havens that they were years ago, and the majority of criminals end up at college because it is the next step in the educational system, with this in mind the following are just a few of the most dangerous college’s that you could choose to attend, but with our help avoid.

This article is collated with campus safety data as supplied by the Department for Education in the reporting period 2012 – 2014. The real danger appears to relate to the size of the university, such as a campus with 20,000 students will suffer more burglaries in the year however, this is unlikely to affect the average student. All of the campuses listed below have no more than 5,000 students with the average being 1,000 students, the majority are located in the southern U.S and are remotely located.

East Texas Baptist University

Multnomah University

Multnomah University is a small private college that costs approximately $22,000 per year. There were just 2 burglaries and 5 cases of car theft from 2012 – 2014.

Portland Community College

Portland Community College is the only community college and reported 17 incidents from 2012 – 2104, with these being 1 robbery, 1 case of arson, 2 car thefts, 2 assaults, 4 sexual assaults and 6 burglaries. The tuition fees for this college are $4,000 per year.

Cazenovia College

Cazenovia College is situated in Upstate New York and it is a small private college that has a minor crime problem. The college has its own onsite police force and costs $30,000 per year. 25 incidents were reported from 2012 – 2014 which constituted to 16 burglaries, 11 cases of sexual assault and 1 reported robbery.

Oakwood University

Oakwood University is located in Huntsville Alabama, and it is a private college that costs just over $16,000 and there are about 2,000 student undergraduates in attendance currently. Oakwood University is a private college with about 2000 undergraduate students. The majority of criminal incidents occurred in 2012, this may be because the college has its own onsite police force and most of the incidents were classed as burglaries.

Livingstone College

Livingstone College is situated in Salisbury, North Carolina. There are about 1,300 students in attendance with tuition costs being about $17,000 per year. The college has its own onsite police department and there were 52 crimes reported from 2012 – 2014, all of which were burglaries, therefore whilst it may not be a good idea to bring expensive clothes and jewelry to this college, you should not worry about walking around alone.

Franklin College

With about 1,000 students and tuition costing $29,000 per year, Franklin College is a private arts college that is located in Franklin Indiana. In 2012 there were 54 reported incidents which included 6 sexual crimes and the remainder property crimes such as burglary. Franklin College does not have an onsite police department however this is something that they should seriously consider if they want to abolish crimes on campus.

East Texas Baptist University

The East Texas Baptist University is situated in the middle of Texas at Marshall Texas, and has approximately 1,300 students paying $24,000 per year for their tuition. Whilst the East Texas Baptist University does not currently have their own police department on campus they may wish to consider making an investment in this area. With 64 crimes reported, the majority of which were burglaries it appears that the students here have difficulty identifying what belongs to them!

Hampshire College

Hampshire College is located in Amherst Massachusetts and is a small arts college that has a big problem with regards to crime. There are approximately 1,500 students in attendance at the college who are paying about $50,000 per year for their tuition. In the past three years there have been approximately 68 crimes reported and of these 33 were sexual offences and 8 constituted to rape. These figures are really disturbing considering that the college has its own police force on campus.

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