Facts About Abe Lincoln

As one of the greatest American president’s Abraham Lincoln was primarily known for the emancipation proclamation, and also being the first president to be assassinated. He possible has the most interesting life of any president, however, did you realize the following facts about the great man Abe?

Abraham Lincoln

He had a passion for fruit

Abraham Lincoln loved his fruit and vegetables and as so may have seem ahead of the times, as this was an era where diet was pretty much based on meat.

He was the first president with a beard

Before President Lincoln no one in office had ever sported a beard, however this soon changed. Just another thing that Abe would have in common with today’s generation that the majority of politicians don’t.

He was a judge

President Lincoln taught himself the law, and he did such a great job that he was selected to reside on the court in Illinois. Not bad considering he never went to law school!

The casket of Abraham Lincoln has been opened 5 times

President Lincoln has not been afforded the luxury to rest in peace as his coffin has been opened on five separate occasions. You would have thought considering everything that he has done for America, he could at least be left to rest in peace.

Ulysses Grant was meant to accompany the president to the theater

On the night that President Lincoln was assassinated   Gen. Ulysses Grant should have accompanied the president to the theater but had to pull out at the last minute. Grant went onto become the President and died in 1885.

What was under the president’s hat?

Apparently Abraham Lincoln kept his most important documents in his hat, well it was big enough! One can only assume that this was to ensure the documents were safe.

Cat lover

Abraham Lincoln loved all animals, however he was quite obsessive when it came to cats. Whilst the trendy presidents of today are dog lovers, Lincoln was most definitely a cat lover. His own cat was called “Tabby” definitely an easy name to remember.

Lincoln fought depression

Abraham Lincoln has many problems to overcome and is thought that like Winston Churchill, he suffered from depression throughout his life.

Booth’s brother saved the president’s brother

John Wilkes Booth’s brother saved president Lincoln’s brother from death after he fell onto the train tracks. In a weird twist of fate, it was John Wilkes Booth that ended up killing the president.

Lincoln had met John Wilkes Booth

The president met John Wilkes Booth at his 2nd inauguration and they were even photographed together.

President Lincoln was assassinated on Good Friday

Although Good Friday is a holiday in commemoration of the death of Jesus, it is also the same day that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. It is strange how things work, as in this is the day when two great people were killed.

One term in the House of Representatives

Today the majority of presidents and vice-presidents would have years of experience in politics, and have served for years as either a Senator, Representative or both. Funny how one of America’s most successful presidents served just one term in the House of Representatives.

His first business was a failure

The one thing that distinguishes Abraham Lincoln from others is that he never gave up, even when his first business failed he got up and tried again. He failed in his first political race, yet started over. He even failed in his first presidential bid, but tried again and succeeded.

The first president to use modern communication

It is well known that Abraham Lincoln was ahead of his time. This was none so apparent as when it came to communications as he was the first president to regular use telegraphs for communication.

Tabby ate at the dinner table in the White House

The president Abraham Lincoln’s cat was allocated its own seat at the dinner table in the White House dinner table. During this time this probably was not something done by any other country in the world in fact it still isn’t common today.

Thanksgiving became a national holiday

Prior to Lincoln becoming president, Thanksgiving Day, wasn’t a national holiday. However, this was one of the first changes made by Abraham Lincoln, and it is still a holiday today.

Don’t call me Abe

Although Abraham Lincoln goes by all manner of names today, when he was alive calling him Abe was a real no-no. He hated being called Abe and would get very upset if people did so.

Never a smoker or drinker

Abraham Lincoln never drank or smoked he was a very simple man, he didn’t even chew tobacco, which was common in those days.

He wasn’t a church goer

Although the president studied the bible daily and tried to live his life by the ideals set out within the holy book he was never a member of a church or any other organization. In America today it is seen as a necessity for a politician to regularly attend church.

Abraham Lincoln was an athlete

All through his life, President Lincoln loved to wrestle competitively, and although he had to fight with numerous philosophical problems, he wrestled regularly wrestled.

He refused hunting and fishing

Abraham Lincoln was the complete opposite of most men of his time, as he refused to go hunting or fishing. It is thought that this was because he would not have been able to take the life of another whether it was animal or human.

Giving women the right to vote

Women had no right to vote in the American elections in 1836, and were only granted the right in 1920. This is almost one hundred years after president Lincoln proposed granting women this right.

He only had 18 months schooling

Maybe the most fascinating fact about President Abraham Lincoln is that he only had 18 months of formal schooling in his entire life. It just shows what you can do if you put your mind to it.

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