Cyber Command’s First Wartime Assignment Fighting Against ISIS

The U.S Defense Department is home to the comparatively new Cyber Command has been issued with its first official assignment fighting in the war against the Islamic State. Ashton Carter, the Defense Secretary confirmed in a statement that he had deployed the Cyber Command for its first wartime operation. This statement was made during a Q & A session he was hosting at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

USA Cyber warriors

USA Cyber warriors

This deployment means that the U.S were to launch a fight targeting to ISIL which is another name that is used for ISIS. This fight would be brought into Iraq and Syria and Cater went on to explain that the Cyber Command had the capability to interrupt the ability of the other side to control and command their own forces which would actually leave them unable to make any plans against the U.S and all of their allies worldwide.

The Defense Secretary also explained all of the proposed updates they were planning to make to the Goldwater-Nichols Act which is the 1986 legislation. This would reorganize the structure taken on by the Defense Department currently and would also include streamlining the chain of commands that come from the President to the defense secretary. It is Carters’ wish to add to the position of the Joint Chiefs Chairman so that the global resources can be coordinated which would result in better planning of compound development and give them further authority so that they could oversee the acquisition of weapons and bolster the amount of assignments which would qualify for joint command status.

In 2009, in Fort Meade, Maryland Cyber Command was created. John Hamre the former controller of the Pentagon, secretary of defense and the president chief officer of the center where Cyber Command is located confirmed that it is truly believed that any future wars that the country need to fight will more than likely begin first in cyber space. When Hamre asked Carter how this was all going to work Carter responded by explaining that whilst the Cyber Command is currently assembled as a service that is structured currently as a service in the middle of geographic combat commands, however it is a lot more complex seeing as how it currently is in charge of and responsible for a number of different areas.

Ashton Carter gave the all to recent bombings that took place in the Belgium airport and Brussels subway as examples of the attacks which were carried out by the ISIS militants in spite of the evidence that the organization function mainly within the Middle East. These ISIS suicide bombers claimed the lives of 36 people and wounded over 300 more, some horrifically.

National Security Agency director, Michael Rogers a Navy Admiral, who is also the Head of Cyber Command, made in clear that his biggest fear and main concern was that the ISIS terrorists would start to use cyber-attacks against both the U.S and many of the other nations. Rogers continued by explaining that not only were the ISIS hackers able to post credentials of the Americans but that they were also calling for the jihad against them and urging them to kill the families of named American officers. Whilst there is currently no targeted link that could be attributed to the posting of said information and the recent fanatical activist onslaughts on Europe and America but it was very apparent that ISIS are looking at their internet followers to become inspired by the attacks, also in the hope that this will be a really good way to recruit new members widening their circle of activist in different areas of countries all over the world. Currently, many countries are on high alert with regards to ISIS and these attacks and there is no doubt that they have to be stopped.

The whole point of Cyber Command is to be able to intercept online action by ISIS when the preliminary plans are being made, prior to any attacks taking place. With this in mind the defense secretary explained that this appears to be the only way forward and how the U.S and other nations can keep their people safe, and not fall casualty to these extremists.

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