It’s Not The Smog In China It’s The Water

The big cities in China are known for their over pollution and for the huge amounts of smog pollution that is in the air. However, new statistics have shown that smog is by no means the main pollution issue in China, it is the water.


The new research and studies have been focussed purely on the wells that are underground and located in the rural plains of China and the results are really shocking. Results have shown that over 80 percent of water taken and tested from these sources is so densely contaminated by factory waste and agriculture that it is not safe to consume or even to bathe in.

There was huge outrage when the study was published, however the experts have warned that these results should not be exaggerated. It is obvious that the levels of pollution are quite alarming but it must be remembered that the majority of the bigger cities get their water supply from wells that are located far deeper than the shallow ones that were the subject of this study. Therefore, although it is imperative that action is taken against the contamination, the imminent danger to human beings is nowhere near as large as the initial numbers suggest.

However, there is a problem with the increasing number of cities drawing the cleaner water from the deeper sources and this is that the resource is reducing rapidly and this is just another reason why it is so important for China to eradicate the dangerous pollution of the water supply.

Recall Over Flint Water Crisis

The roots of the Flint water crisis date back as far as 2007, however matters took a turning for the worse and became far more critical in 2014 when the Flint water supply was changed from the DWSD (Detroit Water and Sewage Department) to the Flint River. The Flint River is a river that is well known for the appalling water quality that it offers.

It is thought that after months of the Flint residents being supplied with contaminated water, with the contamination being due to coliform bacteria, high levels of disinfectants and even lead, that the crises may now be reaching its After months of the residents of Flint being supplied with water contaminated with anything from coliform bacteria to lead to high levels of disinfectants the crisis might be reaching its highest level. Activists and residents under the guidance of the Reverend David Alexander Bullock, are vying for the head of Rick Snyder the governor of Michigan.

The Reverend Bullock is at the head of a massive campaign where he intends to collect at least 900,000 signatures in support of his cause to force Rick Snyder the governor of Michigan to leave his office and stand down early. In order for this to be successful the recall drive and aiming to collect about 900,000 signatures to force Snyder to leave his office early. In order for the recall to be successful Reverend Bullock needs to collate at least 790,000 signatures against Rick Snyder.

Rick Snyder stands accused of having prior knowledge with regards to the water crisis and also the escalating levels of contaminations far earlier than he will admit, and also for not having addressed the issue quickly enough and in the correct manner. The water in question is particularly dangerous with regards to children and pregnant women and the effects are unquantified and unknown should either of these groups become affected by the contaminated water. It is not just the residents of Flint that are rallying for Rick Snyder to resign, there are also two presidential campaigners calling for his resignation too, these being Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Four members of government have already resigned including one from the City of Flint, two from the Department of Environmental Quality in Michigan, and another from the Environmental Protection Agency. They are all said to have resigned over the mishandling of the water crisis. Governor Snyder has issued an apology to the residents of Flint and made promises to fix the problems, sending $28 million to Flint for medical care, infrastructure upgrades and supplies, however it all seems a little too late.

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