Montenegro Receives an Invitation To Join NATO

In a bold move, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, more commonly known as NATO has invited the tiny nation of Montenegro to join its ranks. This move is significant for multiple reasons including the fact that this is the 7th NATO expansion since the organization was founded in 1949. While the offer does not take immediate effect due to bureaucratic reasons, representatives of the Montenegrin Armed Forces will be attending the NATO summit, which will be held in Warsaw this coming July, albeit as an observer state. This move is likely to inflame Russia, and the Montenegro’s neighbor Serbia, where the United States has never been very popular.


All of this posturing by NATO comes at a time when a good chunk of Eastern Europe is experiencing severe aggression by the Russian Federation, which seems to be particularly bothered that countries like Ukraine and Georgia have fallen under the influence of the west. Given the fact that Montenegro is a new country which received its independence from Serbia in only 2007, this seems to be a huge accomplishment for the country, and it is a good indicator that Montenegro seems to be one its way to European Union Membership, which will in all likelihood, further inflame Russia. Which has been getting increasingly aggressive towards NATO, and other European states It is also likely that the Russian government will push for sanctions on Montenegro if it decides to go through with the move. In order for Montenegro to officially join NATO, it will need to first be voted on at a general meeting, and the United States Senate will need to vote on the issue. Both bodies are almost guaranteed to approve Membership for Montenegro.

To conclude, NATO’s extension of membership to Montenegro seems to be a bold move, which will be guaranteed to inflame the government of Russia. Let’s hope things don’t get too bad.

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