Scholarship Websites

When you are looking for a scholarship it can be a real task to gather all of the scholarship information that is available to you. The following should be of great assistance as these are the top ten recommended scholarship sites.



Cappex has a huge scholarship database that they are not afraid to shout about, stating that they offer more than $11 billion in scholarships. Registration can be a bit of a bind, but once you negotiate this you will be pleased that you did. Cappex is different from any competitor site as it is complete with a tool that can calculate your chances of gaining entry to certain colleges prior to you making your application.


Chegg began life as an online bookstore, however, it has expanded and evolved over the past few years and come a long way from its humble beginnings. In 2011, Chegg acquired the scholarship match service known as Zinch and now host scholarships that are worth over $1 billion. Offering a simple interface that is definitely worth your time, as Chegg offers complete scholarship assistance and many other areas of help for students.


Collegenet boasts an impressive range of scholarships. Students can search the site using keywords or create their own unique profile in order to get specific results. It is possible for the student to create, manage and save lists to review at a later time. Scholarships on this site are listed in terms of the award amount starting with the highest.


Fastweb is a subsidiary of Monster and offers over 1.5 million scholarships that total in the excess of $3.4 billion. The site is really well organized with excellent search facilities. The only minor disadvantage with Fastweb is that students have to create a profile to be able to get started, however, this profile is used to match the student to the scholarships that they are most suited to, therefore well worth the extra time and effort,


Niche was originally known as the site College Prowler, and it is one of the most organized and easiest of the scholarship sites to use. Students will have no trouble finding and applying for scholarships from their first visit. The student can browse through the categories that are on offer on Niche and these include interest area and major, career, sport etc. The only minor downside is that when the student leaves the pre-set categories it can be difficult for them to filter the results. On the plus side there is no sign up requirement and it is a powerful user friendly resource.


Peterson’s really is a one stop scholarship resource that can offer the student many free resources to assist them. Boasting scholarships that are in the excess of $10 billion, many informational articles and test preparation resources it is obviously that Peterson’s doesn’t stop at scholarships but it also offers a multitude of tools and helpful advice coupled with superb search facilities and easy navigation. By filling out a short survey along the way will allow the student to tailor their search meaning that they are in control of many areas that other sites require extensive profile filing for prior to getting started.

The College Board

The College Board offers a wealth of resources including test papers, college search tools, articles and an abundance of scholarships. The College Board also shows financial aid and internships from over 2,000 programs and will as other important student information.


Scholarships offers a plethora of opportunities for students that are worth in the excess of $19 billion. As the largest scholarship information provider students can browse through the categories, however to make the experience unique they will need to create a profile. Whilst Scholarships offers a whole wealth of information with regards to the many forms of financial aid, it lets itself down as it lacks some of the resources that are offer by competitor sites.

Scholarship Monkey

Scholarship Monkey gives the student three search options including keyword search, personalized search, plus a list of scholarships, and all of these results can then be filtered further by college however as yet not by other criteria. Although Scholarship Monkey offers a huge scholarship index it is not the easiest site to navigate which makes it far more difficult for the student to take full advantage of everything that it offers. It also has low rankings due to the amount of span that it creates and this continues even after the student has unsubscribed to the site.


Unigo offers students so much more than just scholarships, including college rankings, jobs, college profiles, articles, an area where students can purchase text books and of course an abundance of scholarship opportunities. Unigo also offers a clever profile based match service and easy browsing. The best point of Unigo is that it is a really simple interface which means that the student can find all of the information easily and the site is also very security conscious with regards to the privacy of the student’s personal information which can only be a bonus.

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