Study With The Rich In Any Of These Nations

It appears that everywhere in the world has been hit by the financial and economic crisis that it is hard to think that there is any money left, however there are at least twenty countries that are most definitely not feeling any kind of hardship, just look at those listed below and you will see what I mean.



As well as being involved in forming NATO, the United Nations and European Union, Luxembourg boasts a GDP of over $90,000 per person. Luxembourg appears not be affected and inflation and unemployment is still recorded to be at an all-time low.

Brunei Darussalam

It would be no surprise if you have never heard of this country, however it is located in Borneo on the North Coast of Borneo. As a completely debt free country with a GDP of over $70,000 per person, there appears to be no problems here.


Qatar regularly appears in the country rich list. With funds and profits that increase year on year and a GDP determined on purchasing power of $143,532 per person, it doesn’t appear that wealth in Qatar shows any signs of slowing down.


Whilst Singapore is a relatively small country they have reason to celebrate with a growth of 35% over the past eight years it proves that the economy in Singapore definitely is not standing still. With a GDP of just over $85,000 per person, rather respectable for a country that appears to be out on a limb from the rest of the countries.


Kuwait’s ever growing economy is mainly thanks to their oil reserves. The economy managed to stay stable even through the Iraq invasion and whilst the GDP fell it is showing signs of recovery with the GDP currently at over $70,000 per person.


Knowing that the majority of the rich choose Switzerland to stash their cash it comes as no surprise that Switzerland is amongst the countries rich list. The wealth continues to grow in Switzerland largely due to the low rate of taxes and growing manufacturing industry.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has always been known as a country with great business sense and rapidly growing technology. These are just a couple of the reasons why Hong Kong has seen economic growth of about 25% over the past ten years. Hong Kong is also the world trade and financial center.


As a country Norway seems to have avoided the economic crisis that has been felt by the rest of the world, with a growing GDP which is up by 8% to about $67,500 per person. Norway has gas and oil reserves that will surely help to bolster their profits, and as a country they enjoy one of the highest standards of living worldwide.

San Marino

San Marino has a small population of just 32,000 and is located in Italy. San Marino can attribute a large proportion of their wealth due to their rapidly growing tourism and also the sales from their collectable stamps. Although the GDP has fallen in the past years by 28% the country still boasts an impressive $61,850 per person.

United Arab Emirates

Relying heavily on their oil reserves the United Arab Emirates also has a thriving business hub which grows year on year. The GDP has seen increases of over 10% and currently stands at about $65,000 per person.


There has been some really impressive economic growth by Brazil over past years due to the country supplying a third of the coffee exports to the rest of the world, along with exotic fruits and the growth of cereals. When it comes to developed industries a really important fact is the electricity and Brazil stands as one of the leaders with 90% of their power generated via hydroelectric plants.


As the second most developed economy in the world, Japan has their production of high tech and industrial products to thank for this. These are also products that have a following all over the world.


Canada offers a huge number of riches and the residents enjoy a high standard of living from the well-developed agriculture and breakthrough in technological products. Canada also enjoys a steady stream of revenue from their tourist trade and this is more than likely down to the abundant areas of beauty that the country affords.

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